LA VIE EN ROSE (click on the title)


La Vie en Rose is an ongoing project by Cristina Nuñez with the real objective of finding her ideal partner. Instead of concentrating on her qualities, in her search the artist reveals her defects and weaknesses, in a temporal and geographical journey, both intimate and public, in constant relation to the crucial moments of her life.

One of the principles of her autobiographical work is the therapeutic research of salvation and redemption as an inner preparation for love. She expresses her most extreme emotions, shows off her most dramatic, pathetic and vulnerable aspects, stresses what most of people try to hide. Thus she becomes a speaker for others, for the public to recognize, identify and mirror themselves, in order to sublimate pain and anger.

La Vie en Rose is a series of videos, a chain of actions which will happen in public space, and a web platform documenting the whole process. Throughout the web platform the audience will be given the opportunity to interact and be engaged in the project.

In the first weeks, Cristina will upload all the videos she keeps on producing, showing her inner and outer evolution, documenting her actual situation, expressing her emotions of the moment, involving the public in her project and inviting them to respond to her research.

All visitors – both men and women – are strongly encouraged to participate. There are several ways to get involved: commenting Cristina’s video on this website (in any language), following the project through the dedicated social networks, writing her directly, visiting her exhibitions and performative actions, proposing as a possible partner and so on.

Later on she will open her website to others, so that participants can look for their lovers in the same way. The artist opens some of her shows and projections with a performance, in which visitors can propose themselves as candidates.

The project is curated by Carolina Lio.

La Vie en Rose#2 has obtained a runners-up mention of the Ciutat de Palma Visual Arts Award 2013.

Video stills from La Vie en Rose trilogy

The first performance at Effearte Gallery, Milan.

 This project has been produced with the support of:

EEA Grants, in collaboration with the Norwegian Embassy in Spain, as part of the project “Her Story, Women Behind the Camera”, OSIC, Oficina de Suport a la Iniciativa Cultural and Institut Ramon Llull.